What Every Parent Should Know About Cleaning Car Seats

Cleaning your child’s car seat is all about having patience and knowledge. Indeed, babies and young children will inevitably make mistakes and cause “accidents” anywhere, especially in the car. Because of this, a parent can expect that their child’s car seat needs a regular thorough cleaning.

While cleaning may not be your newest hobby as a parent, we’re here to tell you that cleaning is essential as you are raising a child. Read on to discover what every parent should know about cleaning car seats.

Clean up the Mess Quickly

This may appear obvious, but it is crucial to clean up the mess as soon as possible. This is because spills sink in any material. Avoid letting debris, slime, and filth become one with the car seat by wiping them away fast after an accident.

Consult the Manual

Check the directions for your car seat before cleaning it. Make a note of the connection locations when removing the cover and harness to assist in reassembly. Taking photos while disassembling can be useful.

Recognize the Different Types of Cleaning Agents

Use abrasive cleaners sparingly on your harness and seat. Steel wool and bleach may appear to be a quick way to clean a seat, but they can actually harm the material. You should also avoid leaving chemical residue on your baby's skin or in the air.

Simple Steps to Car Seat Cleaning

Follow these simple steps and the handbook to properly reinstall the car seat before carrying your valuable goods again.

  • Cleaning the Car Seat Upholstery

    1. To clean stains, remove the seat. Clean it outside. 

    1. Remove as much clutter as possible before cleaning. Take whatever chunky, sticky, gooey, crusty mess the small voyager has left behind (with gloves).

    1. Remove the chair's seat cover and pillows. Shake the crumbs out of the folds and crevices. Alternatively, a vacuum can be used to get rid of every last crumb.

    1. Wash textiles in cold water on a moderate cycle with the harness covers fastened. Stay for 10 to 12 minutes on low, then remove.

  • Cleaning the Car Seat Harness

    1. Spot-clean the harness with warm, sudsy water and a moist cloth.

    1. The buckle can be washed with warm, sudsy water and a moist towel. Do not immerse or grease the buckle.

    1. Remove any remaining crumbs or dirt from the buckle.

  • Cleaning the Car Seat Frame 

    1. Clean the plastic frame with a warm, sudsy towel.

    1. Do not submerge in water.

    Remember, the seat cover must be washed and dried before it can be reattached. For instructions, consult the owner's manual for your car seat.


    All parents should know by now that it is impossible to maintain a pristine car seat. Children spill food and drinks, vomit (due to car sickness), and cause other types of accidents that soil the interiors of your car. As such, simply keep this guide in mind when maintaining your child’s car seat and car seat covers. If anything, it is best to use high-quality car seat covers to minimize the hassle of regular seat cleaning.

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